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American Dream Purchases Out of Reach for Millennials With college debt and limited income, Millennials are putting off getting married, starting a family, buying a home or new car. As this so-called entitled generation copes without traditional entitlements, they seek items that deliver instant gratification. “How GenY Shops: Five Tips to Understanding Millennial Retail Purchase Decisions,” the latest report from ASM’s SMARTeam, looks at how and where Millennials spend their money.

A Practical Approach to Improving Trade Promotion Effectiveness Despite the prevalence of trade promotions, many CPG companies lack the process and technology needed for robust promotion analysis. 38% of those surveyed by Advantage Sales and Marketing do not have a TPO system that combines financial and consumption data to calculate ROI let alone the depth of analysis experts agree is needed today: SKU-level weekly data, metrics for category growth and retailer profitability, and qualitative variables like display support, competitive activity, and weather. ASM has introduced a solution that addresses all of the core requirements of TPO in a simple, faster, more practical manner.

Inside Advantage, Winter 2015: The industry may be abuzz with predictions for change in 2015, but one thing remains constant: ASM’s commitment to provide efficient and effective services and deliver the industry’s most flexible solutions for our clients. Nowhere is this more obvious than within the pages of Inside Advantage. The Winter 2015 issue covers a lot of ground, from a new feature of our Speed to Insight business intelligence platform that helps Business Development Managers assess and optimize new item launches, to strategic Club channel acquisitions that provide unmatched insights and access at Costco, Sam’s, and BJ’s, to our expanded Hispanic retail selling team featured on this issue’s cover.

TOMS: True Organic Millennial Shoppers: Interest in natural and organic food choices keeps climbing as shoppers become more health conscious and environmentally aware. While most shoppers say they want natural ingredients, the test of their commitment is whether they’ll pay more for them. This most recent report by the ASM SmartTeam™, the third in a series, explores the Millennial generation and how this resolute group will impact the expanding organic and natural industry more than any other consumer group.

Online vs. In-Store: The Generational Food Fight: SMARTeam’s publication explores Millennials and their online vs. in-store shopping patterns. While most still prefer to shop in-store, older Millennials are moving online. It’s just a matter of time before every business will be affected. This free publication, the second in a series, includes insights that can help retailers and manufacturers respond to the changing marketplace.

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